About Us


Thank You to Our Committee!


         The committee members who take part volunteer their time and expertise to the conference and the success of the weekend

You very much!





Committee/Faculty Information


Committee Members:

  • Bill Cook, ACP, FR/EMR Instructor, Chairman , DMAC (Kamsack)
  • Jenifer Elias-White, ACP, FR/EMR Instructor, Committee Member, Weyburn EMS
  • Mike Slater, ACP, FR/EMR Instructor, SIAST, Treasurer Moose Jaw & District EMS
  • Ray Francis, ACP, FR/EMR Instructor, Past Chairman,
  • Peter den Hollander, ACP, MD ambulance, Saskatoon
  • Wanda Brilz,ACP.FR/EMR instructor retired MD Ambulance Saskatoon

Past Committee Members:

  • Ken Exner, ACP/FR Instructor,  Committee Member, SIAST-Regina
  • Sharon Teske, PCP, FR/EMR Instructor, Soo Line Ambulance,  Milestone
  • Brenda Fry ACP
  • Bert Kauf
  • Shannon Blair ACP
  • Lacie McKenzie, PCP,


We would like to take time to thank our past committee members for their support. 


      Do not worry, you will see them  again at future conferences as a visitor, a guest speaker, who knows maybe even one of the entertainers.





  • Lois McVicar, EMT, Saskatoon SIAST, Saskatoon
  • Peter den Hollander, ACP, MD ambulance, Saskatoon
  • Leanne Anderson, PCP, HSE, Weyburn
  • Frasier Gibson,PCP hutch Ambulance, Assiniboia
  • Roger Irvine,  PCP, Indian Head EMS
  • Bryan Looker, PCP, HSE, Weyburn
  • Mike Hengstler, ACP, SIAST, Moose Jaw & District EMS
  • Wanda Brilz, ACP, MD ambulance Saskatoon
  • Louis Michaud, PCP Gravelbourge EMS
  • Chris Munn, ACP/F.R. Instructor, Regina SIAST, RQHR EMS
  • Sharon Teske, FR/EMR Instructor,  PCP, Soo Line Ambulance, Milestone
  • Daniel Lewis, ACP/F.R. Instructor, Regina EMS
  • Robin Foct, ACP, RQHR EMS , Regina
  • Scott Debienne, ICP, Carrot river
  • Matt McGurk, ACP, MD ambulance, Saskatoon
  • George Hleboff, ACP, SIAST,  RQHR EMS, Regina
  • Faron Nakaska, ACP, M.D. Ambulance, Saskatoon
  • Miranda Bradish, PCP, RQHR EMS, Regina

IF interested in volunteering to be an instructor for our project contact us we are always looking for good people